01 The Birth Of Gautama Buddha

By Rajaram Ramachandran

Gautama Buddha was the founder of Buddhism Religion. He was born in 560 BC and died at the age of 80 in 480 BC. His life story is known to the world as a popular reformer in the spiritual world. His life story goes:


Before the Christian era,
In the 6th century, in India,
The religion was forgotten.
To winds, it was thrown.

It was a period of chaos,
None cared for the Vedas,
When the priests dictated,
And on religion, they traded.

In many unscrupulous ways,
They all amassed riches.
In exploiting their followers,
They were totally irreligious.

They performed those rituals,
Which were so meaningless,
Like killing dumb animals,
As part of cruel sacrifices.

Righteousness was nowhere.
Degeneration was everywhere.
In this irreligious background,
The priest-craft well flourished.

When the virtue subsides
And the vice prevails,
Himself, God descends,
Or messengers, He sends.

To set right this disorder,
There came a reformer,
As Godsend messenger
To spread love everywhere.

For this divine reason,
Although out of season,
To indicate his arrival sign,
There fell a gentle rain.

The flowers bloomed well,
Spreading delicious smell,
That filled the air around,
As one more sign, it was found.

In this holy atmosphere,
Amidst joy everywhere,
Gautama Buddha was born,
As a Savior from the heaven.