11+ Commanding Poems About Politics: Power And Protest

Poetry is the perfect medium to express complicated ideas simply and beautifully. From celebrating democratic victories to protesting against injustices, these poems will show you just how powerful poetry can be.

This collection is a compilation of poems about politics. It’s not always easy to understand the complexities and nuances of our world, but poetry can help us see things in new ways. 

So go ahead, read a poem! Pick your favourite from among these, then share it with someone who needs to read it.


Politics has always been a hot issue of debate, but it has never been more so than now. With so many people feeling unheard to this day, the need for representation in our media is greater than ever.

We need art that helps us think critically about challenging issues, particularly politics, now more than ever- this collection of political poems should give you some great ideas for your next book club meeting or English class project! Have any favourites? Let us know in the community!

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