11+ Alluring Poems About Griffins: From The Pages Of History

When you think of Griffins, what comes to mind? Chances are, you’re thinking about a creature that is half lion and half eagle. Griffins have been around for centuries and have been featured in many stories and legends. 

In this anthology, we are going to take a look at some poems that are all about Griffins. Whether you’re a fan of these creatures or not, I’m sure you will find something interesting in these poems!

What Are The Best Poems About Griffins?


While the gryphon has been featured in many poems, it is clear that this creature still holds a special place in our hearts. 

Whether you are looking for a poem to share with your young child who is just learning about these creatures or if you are simply interested in reading more about them, we hope that you have enjoyed this collection.

If there is another poem that you feel should have been on this list, please let us know in the poetry community. We would love to hear from you!

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