13+ Fascinating Poems About Tattoos: Body Art

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? Or perhaps you’ve already got one and are looking for some new inspiration for ink ideas. Either way, tattoos are a personal choice and should be treated as such. 

We’ve gathered together a selection of poems that focus on the art of tattoos to give you an idea of what they mean to different people. From memorial pieces to body art as self-expression, these poems offer a unique insight into the world of tattoos. Enjoy!

What Are The Best Poems About Tattoos?


As tattoos become more popular, the art form is being explored in new and innovative ways. These poems offer a glimpse into the personal and emotional significance tattoos can have for the people who wear them. 

Do you have a tattoo? What was the motivation behind your decision to get one? Let us know in the poetry community.

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