13+ Regrettable Poems About Nuclear War: Never Again

Nuclear war is the ultimate nightmare scenario. The detonation of a nuclear weapon unleashes incredible energy, destroys everything within a vast radius, and can cause long-term health problems for those who survive. Despite the risks, some poets have been drawn to write about this topic. 

This collection includes poems by different writers that explore various aspects of nuclear war. Whether describing the destructive power of the weapons or analysing how they could lead to the end of humanity, these poems offer a unique perspective on one of the most frightening prospects imaginable.

What Are The Best Poems About Nuclear War?


It’s impossible to know what the future will bring, but it is essential to remember that poetry can help us reflect on our world and voice our fears. 

Nuclear war is an unimaginable prospect, but we can begin to understand and process these feelings by reading and sharing poems about it. If you have a favourite poem about nuclear war that wasn’t included on this list, please share it in the poetry community.

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