13+ Beauteous Poems About Autumn: The Season Of Change

Autumn is a time of transition; the leaves are starting to turn red and orange. The cool breeze you feel in the morning has become slightly stronger as night comes closer. 

You can smell the crisp fall air beginning to form around you; it makes your heart so happy knowing that winter will be here soon.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take some time to appreciate this nostalgic season! Here are fourteen poems about autumn for all those poetry lovers out there!

What Are The Best Poems About Autumn?


Autumn poems are a beautiful way to celebrate the changing colours of leaves and cooler weather. With these stunning autumn poems, you can share your love for this season with friends or loved ones! 

Some people might say that autumn is their favourite time of year because it brings back memories from when they were younger. Others prefer fall over other seasons because it means an end in sight to the summer heat.

Which poem was your favourite? What’s one thing you look forward to most during this season? Join our poetry community for more poetry conversations! Regardless of why you love this season so much, we hope our list provides some inspiration for writing your poems about autumn!

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