poems about quilts

19+ Adorable Poems About Quilts

Although not everyone may see it, there is beauty in the simple things in life. Quilts are a perfect example of this. They are made with fabric squares and rectangles sewn together, often using bold and bright colours. 

But when you look at them more closely, you can appreciate the intricate designs and patterns that make up each quilt. In the same way, poems about quilts can be beautiful and fascinating to read. Below are some examples of poems that celebrate the art of quilting. Enjoy!

What Are The Best Poems About Quilts?


Quilts are pieces of art that can be used to tell a story, commemorate an event, or simply showcase someone’s creativity. 

Whether you’re a quilter yourself or just appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of these creations, we hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some poems about quilts.

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