19+ Eye-opening Poems About God: Celebrating The Most High

There are many ways to view God. He is often portrayed as a loving, omnipresent being who is always watching over us with good intentions to protect and guide us in every way possible. 

On the other hand, some people imagine an entity that holds our lives in their hands and may not wish for us to prosper or achieve great things.

Poetry often reveals truths about people’s religious thoughts that are not often spoken out loud because of fear of persecution. 

This collection contains nineteen poems by different poets which cover both views on God while focusing on the idea that love is more powerful than any other emotion you could experience when it comes down to it.

What Are The Best Poems About God?


The poems in this collection are all deeply personal and speak to the soul. They offer a unique perspective on what it means to seek and know God, with which we can all relate. 

Whether you are exploring your spirituality or practising your religion for years, we hope you enjoyed reading these nineteen poems about God.

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