20 Buttons

By Catherine Hendry

Dressed all in black
Silver buttons down her back
20 silver buttons each with a meaning,
so, we will start from the very beginning…

She has never been loved as much as she has loved
She always picked men who punched and shoved
She is void of emotion, lacking self-worth
She wanted a child though she never gave birth
She trusted people, paying for it at a fast pace
She is so beautiful, but only sees ugly in her own face
She saw good in everyone but no one knew she existed
She tried and tried and finally relented
She went through a phase of abusing drugs
She didn’t know how to accept loving hugs
She finally met someone she really liked
She felt for the first time ever, her heart rate spiked
She was offered the moon and promptly accepted
She didn’t even notice when she began being rejected
She was sold a dream, that was just a lie in plain sight
She tried to hide in the shadows of broad daylight
She cried and cried, a river of tears
She wishes she could deny the hatred she hears
She finally discovers her one and only way out
She found it most important to learn what SHE WAS ALL ABOUT!

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