19+ Relatable Poems About Depression: The Rhyming Remedy

We’ve all been there—that feeling of being deep in the hole with no way out. The world feels like it’s crashing down on you, and you can’t catch your breath. 

It is a temporary experience for some, but for others, depression can be a debilitating illness that lasts for years. If you’re struggling with depression, know that you are not alone. There are many poems out there that perfectly capture what it’s like to be depressed. 

These poems paint a powerful picture of what it’s like to suffer from depression, from anger and frustration to loneliness and triumph. 

If you’re feeling lost and alone, these poems are for you. Read them and know that you’re not alone in your struggle.

What Are The Best Poems About Depression?


The complicated reality of depression is that it affects many people’s lives, and some even don’t know they have it. But we can make a difference by sharing stories like these with those around us to show them what’s possible when you see past the darkness and seek help for your mental health. 

To find out more about depression and other mental health conditions, visit

www.psychiatry.org , you can also learn these 12 surprising facts about depression here.

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