21+ Interesting Poems About People: The Human Experience

One of the great things about poetry is that it can be about anything and everything. This week, we’re taking a look at poems about people. 

Whether they’re poems about your best friend, your mother, or a stranger on the street, they capture human life’s essence in all its beauty and complexity. So dive in and explore some poetry about people! You never know what you might find.

What Are The Best Poems About People?


People are amazing. They can do things that amaze us, make us laugh, and sometimes break our hearts. In this collection of poems, you will explore the different aspects of people and what it means to be human. 

From love to loss, these poems will touch your soul, but we want to hear from you. What is your favourite poem about people? Share it in the poetry community and let us know why it’s your favourite. We would love to add it to our list!

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