21+ Dreary Poems About Guilt: The Burden Of Remorse

Guilt. A feeling that can eat away at our insides, making us feel unworthy and undeserving. Guilt is a powerful emotion that can be difficult to shake off. In this collection of poems, we explore the many facets of guilt – from its earliest beginnings to its final repercussions. 

Whether we are guilty of something we have done or something we haven’t done, guilt can be a paralysing force in our lives. These poems offer hope and healing for anyone struggling with guilt. They remind us that it is possible to move on from past mistakes and find freedom in forgiveness.

What Are The Best Poems About Guilt?


Guilt is a powerful emotion that can motivate us to change our behaviour for the better. It’s also an incredibly complex and multi-faceted feeling. These poems explore different aspects of guilt, from its ability to make us feel unworthy and ashamed to how it can spur us into action. 

If you’re looking for inspiration or want to explore this complicated emotion in more depth, these poems are a great place to start. Do you have a favourite poem about guilt? Let us know in the poetry community!

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