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21+ Sad Poems About Civil War

Whenever anyone thinks of the Civil War, images of battles and soldiers come to mind. But what about the effect that war had on civilians? This compilation of poems captures the human experience of living through a civil war. 

From those who were left behind to those who fought on either side, these poems portray the range of emotions felt by all involved. Whether you’re a history buff or simply interested in poetry, this collection is sure to leave you moved.

What Are The Best Civil War Poems?


The above list of poems about the Civil War is by no means exhaustive but represents some of the best, most well-known works on the subject. This terrible conflict inspired a wide range of responses from those who lived through it and its aftermath. 

Some poets glorified the Union soldiers and their cause while others mourned the loss of life and lamented that such a war could happen within our own country. 

Others still used their work as a way to document history or make sense of what they had witnessed. However, all these poems have one thing in common: they capture the emotions stirred up by this tragic period in humanity’s past.

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