29+ Touching Poems About Poverty: A Vicious Cycle

Poverty is something that too many people in the world have to deal with every day. It can be hard to escape, and it can be hard to understand what it’s like unless you’ve experienced it yourself. These poems about poverty offer a unique glimpse into the experience of being poor. 

They show how poverty can affect every part of a person’s life, from their relationships to their self-esteem. If you’re interested in learning more about poverty, or if you just enjoy reading poetry, then this is the anthology is for you!

What Are The Best Poems About Poverty?


Poverty is both a physical and emotional state. Poems can help people understand how it feels to be in this situation, but the feeling of being impoverished doesn’t end when you read one poem or see one photo. 

It continues for those who live with chronic deprivation every day. Poets are using their craft as an act of solidarity with those living without access to basic necessities like food, clean water, healthcare or safety from violence.

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