5+ Bizzare Poems About Body Odour: Unleashing The Stench

There’s something about body odour that just seems to get people talking. Whether it’s because someone has bad B.O. or they simply don’t smell very good, people tend to have strong opinions about body odour. 

No matter who you are, body odour is a natural occurrence. Whether it’s from sweating or the food you eat, everyone has their own unique scent. While some people might find body odour to be unpleasant, others may see it as a source of humour.

This random collection of poems is all about body odour, and each poem tackles the issue in a unique way. From funny to thought-provoking, these poems will make you think about body odour in a new light.

What Are The Best Body Odour Poems?


There you have it, our top poems about body odour. We hope you found at least one that resonates with you. If there’s a poem we missed that you think deserves to be on this list, let us know in the poetry community

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