5+ Indomitable Poems About Diabetes: The Highs And Lows

Diabetes is a condition that affects many people worldwide. In this anthology, we explore a collection of poems about diabetes written by writers from all walks of life.

There is no one way to write about diabetes. Each person’s experience with the disease is unique and should be shared in their own way. Whether you’re living with diabetes or know someone who is, we hope you’ll find these poems insightful and inspiring. Thank you for reading!


Diabetes is a complex disease that can be difficult to understand and cope with. The poems we’ve shared provide an intimate look at what it’s like to live with diabetes from different perspectives. 

We hope you’ve found these poems helpful and insightful. If you have a poem about diabetes that you think should be on this list, please share it in the poetry community. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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