11+ Eye-opening Poems About Kwanzaa: Cultural Pride

Kwanzaa is a seven-day African-American holiday between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It was started in 1966 by Maulana Karenga, an activist who wanted to give black Americans something to celebrate during the darkest days of segregation.

Today the holiday is celebrated by African-Americans and non-Africans alike. If you’re looking for poems about this exciting holiday, here are the most eye-opening poems we could find. Whether you want a quick refresher on the principles or are looking for poems about unity and family, there’s something here for everyone.


The world is a beautiful place where culture and art are celebrated every day. Hopefully, these poems will help you explore the many nuances of this multicultural holiday. 

Please share your favourite Kwanzaa poem with us, and maybe we will add it to the list! Happy holidays to all our readers and followers!

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