7+ Incredible Poems About Africa: The Motherland

In the popular imagination, people often portray Africa as a place where everything is for sale to Western eyes; however, there was much more than meets the eye regarding African people and our rich cultural heritage. 

From the Pyramids of Eqypt to The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and all the wonders in between, here are seven incredible poems about Africa:

What Are The Best Poems About Africa?


These poems are just a tiny sample of the great poetry about Africa that is out there. I believe what makes these poems so unbelievable is the way they are composed. This poetry intends to paint an entire picture of Africa, not just one specific place or event.

You can feel the emotions and thoughts of each piece as if it was their own because it’s told through such vivid imagery. It feels like you’re standing alongside the poet to understand humanity on another level during this journey.

As the population of Africa continues to grow, we will need more poets and writers who can capture the beauty and complexity of this continent. 

If you know any African-American authors or poets that might be interested in contributing a poem about their experience with life on the other side of the Atlantic, please let us know in the poetry community! We would love to feature them on our platform.

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