7+ Interesting Poems About Social Media: The Endless Scroll

Do you ever feel like social media is a competition? That if you’re not constantly posting, then you’re losing out? In today’s collection, we’ll be looking at poems that explore the idea of social media and its effects on our lives. 

Whether it be the fear of missing out or feeling like we need to present a perfect version of ourselves online, these poems capture the nuances of our relationship with social interaction on the internet. So pull up a chair, get comfortable, and enjoy!

What Are The Best Social Media Poems?


The world of social media has changed so much in the last decade. It is now an integral part of our lives, and it’s hard to imagine what life was like before we were glued to screens at all hours. 

Return to these social media poems whenever you’re struggling with how to cope with your relationship with social media or want a different perspective on this phenomenon that’s taken over modern society.

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