7+ Alarming Poems About Ebola: The Touch of Death

Ebola is a scary word. It’s one of those words that sends chills down your spine no matter how many times you hear it. But what is Ebola really? 

What does it mean for the people who are affected by it? And what can we do to help? These are some of the questions we seek to answer in our latest poetry collection.

As the Ebola epidemic continues to spread throughout West Africa, many people are looking for ways to help. One way people can help is by reading and sharing poems about Ebola. 

Below is a collection of poems that have been written about the disease. Please share these poems with your friends and family, and together let’s raise awareness about this deadly virus.


Ebola has had a devastating effect on countries in West Africa. The poets who have written about the virus have captured the heartbreak, anger and frustration that people feel. 

They have also shown the courage and strength of the people fighting to end this epidemic. Is there a poem that you think deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the poetry community.

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