7+ Inspirational Poems About Today: In The Now

We all experience days that seem to blend together. We go through the motions but don’t feel particularly alive. These are the days when it feels like nothing is really worth our attention. 

It’s easy to let them slip by without notice, but there are poems out there that can help us appreciate these mundane moments. Today, we’re going to explore some poems that capture the feeling of living in the moment. 


Poetry is a powerful form of communication that can express our feelings and thoughts in ways prose cannot. It can also be used to capture the spirit of a time or place, as these poems about today demonstrate. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of contemporary poetry and that it has inspired you to look for more poems about the world around you. As always, we love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Let us know what poem spoke to you the most and why in the poetry community.

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