A Bittersweet Good-By

By Zari Ballard

Bittersweet, I hate that word It makes me sad, its so absurd For when its time to sink or swim I always drown from missing him Good-bys are bittersweet, he’d said And left me lonely in my bed He wasn’t where he’d meant to be I’d beckoned him to come to me And as the sun began to rise He fled so there would be no lies And vanished…right before my eyes Then Silence, that I fear, begins I try to call, an endless ring I want to talk but always cry My anger is in fact a lie Outside his door, I can’t come in I fall apart…the Silence wins His good-by is Bittersweet, I know It follows me, however slow And creeps upon the love I feel Biting gently at my heels Fearing grief, I try to run Knowing soon the end will come I hate good-bys, I hate the end I hate to let the sadness in It makes me just a little girl Who clings too tightly to her pearls If I let go, my heart won’t beat From missing him, I’ll never sleep But here it comes, however slow His Bittersweet good-by….I know

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