A Clock's Resolve

By Sage Wilson

It’s always the same.
I always would go back to this same routine and nothing ever changes for me.
Whenever I stop, I would just be rebooted.
Recalculated to serve and never be allowed to stand still.
I wish it all could stop but time cruelly goes on.

Everyone looks up to me.
Depend on me.
They require so much of me and give me no pity.
Only animosity and guilt when am wrong or take a rest.
I didn’t ask for this responsibility.

But despite how I feel, I must carry this responsibility.
It was made for me and I for it.
A toxic relationship that would last my eternity.
Time and me.
A clock’s great controversy.

But even though this perplexity and whatever uncertainty which may come.
I will keep true to myself, my identity, and my responsibility.
I am a clock and that is what I will forever be.
So I will own my destiny and be the best clock that I could ever be.

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