A Collection Of The 10 Loathsome Poems About Hate

A Collection Of The 6 Loathsome Poems About Hate

In the modern world, hate is all around us. Hatred has become an accepted part of society, whether on social media or everyday life. Writing about it seems easy, but some poems are better than others at capturing their subjects’ emotions and thoughts. 

There isn’t a single person on this planet who can say they’ve never felt animosity towards another human being before (except maybe Mother Theresa). But how does hating someone feel? and how does one go about expressing their feelings of revulsion for someone in the first place? 

Here are six loathsome poems that explore what hatred feels like from the writer’s perspective.


The poems in this collection are filled with rage, pain and despair. If you find yourself struggling to understand how someone could be so filled with hate or anger, these poems may help you gain insight into the mind of a loathsome person. 

Read them carefully – they’re not for everyone, but if you feel like doing some self-analysis of your feelings towards others, give it a shot! You might just discover something about yourself that will surprise you.

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There’s something for everyone in these collections, and we hope you’ll find them enjoyable and insightful. Thanks for reading!

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