A Headache

By Randy McClave

I use to go to bed with a headache
And when morning came it was still there,
Most of the times at night (in suffering) it kept me awake
I would scream, I would argue and I would swear.
I thought how could any man live with this type of pain,
Without wishing for death, or going insane.

I use to go to bed, but first I would say my prayers
Then for awhile I wouldn’t say them at all,
Though I still had my worries and my cares
But, I didn’t want to kneel, I wanted to be seen standing tall.
I knew that there would be a headache attacking me,
And I hated the discomfort and its agony.

I use to go to bed, peacefully and all alone
Oh how memorable and restful was my sleep,
With no headaches or fighting or even a knee bone
I then didn’t count bullets, I only counted sheep.
Then I thought while in that loneliness that I needed a wife,
But, was that me speaking, or was it from my desolation and midlife.

I use to constantly wrestle with my demons
Nightly inflamed by a headache and by my struggle,
With worries and distress and also separate opinions
So, with her (my headache) I just gave up, I just decided to snuggle.
How far in hell (I thought) must be my decent,
To keep receiving this anguish and constant torment.

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