A Little Christmas Cheer

By Barbara Stewart

Dear friends at Whittington Goddard, at this special time of year

When everything turns festive, may I greet you with good cheer?

For you are as a beacon in these times of doom and gloom,

So solid and unflappable through the days of bust and boom.

‘Without you I’d be up the creek, of that there is no doubt.

My bonds would be all broken, my shares all up the spout.

And far from being gilt-edged, my funds would turn to rust,

And all my hard-earned assets reduced to useless dust.

‘You lend a hand for certain, when politicians mess about

When Jeremy just can’t decide, and Boris wants us out.

Yes Brexit, oh what grief it brings, it now gives me the hump.

And don’t even get me started on that noxious Donald Trump!

‘Confusion in this mad, sad world, it seems to me is spreading.

How to share the money out can sometimes do your head in.

Dow Jones and the FTSE, it’s all designed to scare ya

But good old John at WG will make it all seem fairer.

‘I must confess, when first I came, to feeling rather nervous

But soon I was placated by your wonderful customer service,

So merry Christmas to you all, who are thus highly rated:

May all your gains be capital, and your markets stay inflated.’

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