A Lover's Plege

By M.I Pernar

Throw down a blanket and sit beside me
On dew covered banks and soft grasses.
A lifetime’s tomorrows I’ll spend with thee
Each new day, the last, surpasses.
There’ll be music and song and love ever after
And people will smile when they see
The love that we bear, the joy and the laughter
And the children that rest on your knee.
Will I still love you when day turns to night
And the leaves rustle dry on the ground?
Will I still hold you when green turns to white
And winter gales rage all around?
Mountains may crumble, the seas roil and tumble
But ne’er will my heart’s fire diminish.
While fainter hearts cool and lesser men stumble
I’ll be there still at the finish.
Be my love now and take now our vows,
To be faithful and true to each other.
Each other’s by vow, we’ll be, then as now,
A husband, a wife and true lovers.

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