A Rasta Valentine For Me Reggae, Reggae Woman

By Soulful Blue

Me haffe say dat you is one of Jah finest creations.
Me give Jah thanks ‘n’ praise dat you can mek it easier for a man to go thru Jah trials ‘n’ tribulations.
You is me night nurse. When I close me eyes we continue to converse.
Who Jah bless let no man curse.
I man a feel ya vibrations!

Wen me look pon you me feel me a go dead.
To meditate pon ya infinite beauty, nuttin need to be said.
You humble up dis here natty dread.
Me nah eat no bread, it mek man heavy like lead.
Wen me look pon you me mind, heart ‘n’ soul get fed.

If me could be so bold to beg Jah to mek me a woman; fe she be by me side today.
You muss wonder what she look like, eh?
Look in de mirror! See she deh!


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