A Reason To Celebrate

By Catherine Pulsifer

Every month there is a reason to celebrate
Birthdays and lots of cake.
But special occasions do arise
They happen each year they are no surprise.

January we celebrate and wish a happy new year
We look forward with much cheer.
We think of the things we want to achieve
Then set our goals and believe.

February brings love out front
A cupid goes on the hunt.
We tell our loved ones how much we love
Them and think they are sent from God above

March sees St. Patrick Day and green we wear
We celebrate the day with a flair.
We often claim Irish to be
Everyone is Irish and happy.

April gives us hope of spring
People retire and start living
Graduations happen too
April brings lots to do.

And then May is suddenly appears
A time to get out as winter disappears
We celebrate our Mothers dear
Tell Mom we love her forever and a year!

June is the month we celebrate dear old Dad
We tell him he’s the best Dad a person could have had
Graduation is celebrated
We are proud of our kids, now educated.

July is the month for vacation time
All year long we saved our dimes.
We look forward to relaxation
As we go on our vacation.

August brings the bounty of the season
We planted our garden just for this reason
We enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables
Making each meal delectable.

September brings warm days, cool nights
And you find some children delight
In going back to school each day
And others hate it in every way.

October brings trick or treat
Full of candy that is oh, so sweet
Children dress up,
And the pumpkins we carve

November sees the cold arrive
South we want to drive.
We can feel winter on the rise
Much to many’s demise.

Finally, December is here
Christmas comes with lots of cheer.
The month with a reason
Jesus Christ was born in this season

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