A Shield Against The Night

By John K

A uniform, a gun, a badge upon your chest.
These things make not super beings …
just men and women, human like the rest.
Though sometimes taken for granted,
or even viewed with scorn or spite …
Some eyes see you for what you truly are …
A shield against the night.

At times your job is thankless.
Another shift has gone by,
and not a kind word is spoken,
not a single word at all.
Those endless hours spent filling out
reports bring nothing but boredom.
A headache rages in your skull.

You may ask yourself if it is really worth it?
There are many risks, no progress in sight.
The answer is a simple yes my friend,
for you are a cop, an officer …
A shield against the night.

An car overturned, a robbery, a chase,
consoling a victim, whispering all will be well.
A frightened child’s hand is held,
he is lost and out of place.
The call of duty is answered
no hesitation, no question.
A champion to those who can not fight.
You stand alone sometimes,
the only thing between the darkness
and the light.

A hero every minute, no matter how mundane the day.
Take pride in what you do.
Although very human,
You my friend….are
A shield against the night.

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