By Gert Strydom

I know a man
who accounts the businesses of others
and then do calculate
to let those businesses become his own
while he drinks a toast
on the demise of those that do compete against him.

I know a man
who did take over his father in law’s business
on his father in law’s insistence
and that man do make fools of people
who did work all of their lives
to make that business successful
to be able to get rid of them.

I do know people that without any merit
do fill positions
without a clue how to do their own jobs
and who do ride on the backs of other people
to get the work done
and they have been affirmed in the places of others
and do not contribute any great thing to their jobs.

Still destiny does walk on its own path
and do unexpectedly strike
while with time the existence of every human being
does run out.

What kind of calculations will these people make
when the great Accountant does come
and what will their answers be to Him
when their accounts are continually out of balance?

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