An 1827 Poem

By Aleksandr S. Pushkin

Translated by Ihar Kazak

Allow me, in these times of spiritual torment
To offer you, my countrymen,
From my incarceration my best wishes
On this great holiday of spring!

All will pass and all will go away,
Our sorrows and alarm will fade,
Once again life’s road will be smooth
As in the past, the garden will blossom forth.

We’ll call upon our reason to assist us,
To rid this malady with our power of expertise
Thus, these times of profound ordeals and tribulations
We’ll all survive as one family united.

Indeed, we will be purified and wiser,
Not giving in to gloom and fear,
We’ll take heart and draw closer
And be more kind to each other.

May our festive table once again
Be our joy and happiness in life,
May the Almighty send us on this day
A morsel of happiness to each and every home.

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