An Old Photograph

By Daya Nandan

Within the drawer of a broken home,
Lies an old photograph left alone,
A faded photograph so full of care,
With father and mother with love to share,

And below them an innocent young child,
A priceless day of joy where all theree smiled,
The picture lays crumbled In some drawer of old,
One of their few pictures of a memory of gold,

Memories of the past held both in black and white,
Slowly faded by time with each passing night,
That were only brought to life when given light,
A time in the past when everything was alright,

The parents graves are now overgrown with tears,
The child’s face is now overgrown with years,
Caused by a murderer during Gotham’s starless night,
Hence, the child is now Gotham city’s dark knight.

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