By Justine Almenario

Wandered the farthest reaches of my brain
Superficially plausible thoughts entwined with pain
Swerving what my heart behests
Is solitude imminent when rivets are embedded in thine chest?

This multidimensional gray matter where veracity is elusive
An aeonian war is transpiring admittedly repulsive
As yet not knowing what will betide
I shall forfend this derangement I now can’t hide

Thou cannot fathom thine arcane mind
Multitudinous notions dwelling behind
Languished for ages from this malediction
Over the long haul, thy eyes will catch a sight of emancipation

A realm I once owned
Receded from view when kismet condoned
Despite all, I withstand unflinchingly amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore

Notwithstanding the drawbacks thine mind has brought forth
To bethink oneself of God’s plans I shall clench henceforth

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