As The Moon Climbs High In The Starry Sky

By  Tariq Tayebi

As the moon climbs high in the starry sky,
I hear the penguins in their nest cry.
The moon casts an eerie glow in the roaring ocean below.
As The ocean eats away at the white sand,
Each grain is so fine and feels grand.
The long thin grass dances in the soft warm wind,
Where silent slithering snakes are hiding,
Looking for its perfect find to pin.
The swallows are leaving again looking for summer.
I see them flying into the horizon,
Some of them falling behind,
And you can just see them in the slowly lighting up sky.
As dawn breaks the smell of rain wanders around the beach,
Lightning pushes through the thick gray clouds and lights up the sky with one fiery blow.
Thunder scares the birds and insects, sending them somewhere warmer to feed away from the rain and blow.
The bees retreat into their hives as hailstone as big as an orange crash to the ground.
The small plants and bushes are decomposing matter,
The hailstones made them pounded to the ground.
The town is in ruins,
There is litter on the beaches,
Out of their hiding spots come the leeches.
There were better days,
When the paddocks were full of neighs.
This will be a ghost town for now,
As long as the floods stay.

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