By Mindy Brown

Auntie You are like that clanging of pans in the morning
Slightly annoying but a good sign
That someone you love is near and is thinking of you.

Auntie you are like coffee on a rainy day
Warm, nice, and raring for a fight.
Something that all would like
If only they were all as bright as you.

Auntie you are like a band-aid on a cut.
You help cover and protect those in need.
You soothe the pain and tears
And remind me that the scars will fade in time.

Auntie you are like a jalapeño
You act sweet at first and then choke when no one looks.
Which is funny, because you had no need to hide
That you are mean,
Because I know by how you shy away from me
that it is all just a façade of the real you
Which can be seen only in a flash of time
For I know you are as scared of time as I.

Auntie You are like a splash of cold water
You Sit there and tell me
Life is going bad
No lies and no fights
You just let know with you simple words
That your heart is breaking too

Scars may fade
But memories never do
So I will hold you up
Keep you steady and hopeful
But only if you will do me the same
For I believe everyone needs a savior.
Not a God, Just someone to hold on to
While your life goes insane
And I think you agree with me
When I say life can never be this dark and sad
As long as I have you.

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