By Vicky Saladino

a good relationship can happen when
there is little to no baggage
it’s destine for doom if the pile is excessive
for some of us baggage comes as a standard feature
to the lucky and few baggage is a myth
like an alien creature
baggage becomes a part of us
it can erode our minds keep us enslaved
chip away our lives
eat us up everyday
hey for those of you that have no samsonite or rothco
count your blessings for what you’re lacking
what you’re missing is more than depressing
you see it everywhere hanging over us like a heavy shroud
you can see it you can smell it and it taste very sour
some say baggage is better than trash
i have to disagree
baggage is with us for ever and ever
trash can be dumped
in a nearby dispenser
there is no escaping baggage
no matter how hard we try
no money no drink no drug or sleep
it’s with us while we’re alive
it’s with us always until we die
when we carry our baggage
people treat us different
to us it seems there is no talking
look away in disgust
like we’re dead men walking
there must be a lesson for us to learn
if you see baggage coming
make a quick u-turn
bail out like AIG
take no chances
flee flee flee
nothing is worth carrying the baggage
it’s heavy like amour
leaves a hurtful deep scar
stay light a free
so you can go far
when the baggage is with us for quite some time
we seek professional help
to believe we’re just fine
then we realize that was all a lie
the baggage resurfaces
at no one’s surprise
for once inside it has the control
it’s only been hiding, hiding in your soul
i would like to touch
if only one person
from the grips of baggage
it’s truly pure poison
it has no conscience no compassion no morals
too make us miserable
is its ultimate goals
baggage is an entity like a hungry shark
waiting to attack
when you……. like this poem…become too dark

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