Bartending Days

By Donna Nimmo

I worked in a bar, to make fast money
The people were kind and often funny
I would make their drink, listen to their story
They sought my council, but I got the glory
Working there to get out of the past
I found nice people whose friendship would last
They never failed to compliment me
It was my abusive ex, I was trying to flee
My self esteem, I had lost it all
Because of a hateful man who liked to brawl
The tips were great, the people too
I was working with a wondeful crew
I worked that job, for many years
It was full of laughter, not any tears
They brought me back, from the dead
Got me out of the painful life, I lead
It’s not bad being a bartender, when you don’t drink
It kept me from going to see a shrink
I had to quit my job, because my mom got sick
And by her side was where I’d stick
I still smile when I remember those glory days
When I got paid to hear their praise
Their kind word would mend my soul
And I got away from him, that was my main goal!

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