Be Glad and Thankful

By Anonymous

Little children, are you tempted,
Sometimes, to be cross and fret,
Just because you cannot always
Have your selfish wishes met?
Did you ever for a moment,
Think how very rich you are,
In that little hand so clever,
Full of grace and beauty rare?
Close those eyes so full of sunshine;
Let them never see the light;
Grope your way here ever after;
Let your life be one long night.
Or let sickness touch your body;
Lay you on a bed of pain;
Bid those little feet so active,
Never run and play again.
Now, dear children, tell me truly,
For your hands, or eyes, or health,
Shall I give you gold or silver,
Till you are increased in wealth?
Shall it be ten million dollars,
In your coffers I will pay,
And from out this three-fold blessing,
You will give one strand away?
O, no, no! not for one moment,
Would you hesitate to choose;
You would quickly spurn my offer
Rather than these blessings lose.
Learn then to be glad and thankful,
And with all things be content;
For behind each little trial
Is a needful lesson sent.

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