Being A Lawyer Poem

By Daya Nandan

Being a lawyer is truly a tough profession,
Fighting tough battles when court is in session,
Fighting for the rights of the innocent and needy,
Justice against the corporate giants that are greedy,

Lawyers are the knights in amour in the concrete jungle today,
Collectively keeping the balance of law in check everyday,
With practical applications of abstract legal theories as a skill,
To deliver fitting punishments to criminals who steal and kill,

They balance the legal system, they also prevent over punishment,
They line the strongest defence of every establishment,
Analytical skills and critical thinking skills to defend clients,
Proficiency in legal research and writing to take down giants,

High legal ethics and such deep knowledge of the law,
With such skills fair and just contracts they will draw,
They keep businesses going, they throw murderers in jail,
They keep criminals in check so good will prevail.

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