Being Underwater

By Becca

Water all around me,

Collecting my body into the waves.

I dive deeper into the ocean,

Looking for the fish.

I feel a rush of adrenaline flowing through my veins.

Deeper into the cean and I feel brave.

Every second under water,

Lets my thoughts flow freely.

Coming up for air with the wind whipping in my face,

The cold air makes me shiver, so I dive back under.

Being under water is better than being on land.

Nothing compares to the sensation of feeling secure under the waves.

It’s as if I’m falling asleep in a warm blanket,

Engulfed by the salty sea.

The moment I come up for air,

It’s like someone released a valve through my body,

Releasing the pressure from holding my breath.

Into the water I dive.

I swim against the waves as if it’s a race.

I swim out as far as I can go,

Then dive deep into the water.

I let myself linger underneath,

Looking around, absorbing the new life I have discovered.

With water all around me,

I swim until I’m all shriveled up like craisins.

If I had the choice, I would live under the water forever

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