Being Underwater

By Vismaya

All I see is blue water spread all around me,

Enclosing me within it

It’s drops caress my face

And lull me into a blissful sleep

I close my eyes and gently heave

The burden upon my shoulders

For years, I searched for a calming place

Somewhere my soul could find peace and sanctity

Where I would find the true meaning of life

And enjoy every breath that enters my lungs

The place where I would learn to live

And slowly learn to die

My heart is heavy with tremors of the past

Never allowing me a moment’s peace

But as I lift my legs and move underwater

I feel the pain seeping out of me

Relieving me from all the memories,

Suffering and loss I set myself free

By setting the memories free

Every person needs a place where they can go to,

To embark on a journey, to start a mission,

To find themselves or someone else

So that they can let loose and be free

To taste the feeling of weightlessness

To feel the euphoria of heaven,

Like me underwater I open my eyes for the last time

To take in the deep blue colour of the ocean

To see the world for a final moment

Not as it is, but as it could be

I leave everything behind and take in my last breath

Which happens to be my last one which I take, underwater

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