Better To Climb And Fail

By Anonymous

Give me a man with an aim,
Whatever that aim may be,
Whether it’s wealth, or whether it’s fame,
It matters not to me.
Let him walk in the path of right,
And keep his aim in sight,
And work and pray in faith always,
With his eye on the glittering height.

Give me a man who says,
“I will do something well,
And make the fleeting days
A story of labor tell.”
Though the aim he has be small,
It is better than none at all;
With something to do the whole year through
He will not stumble or fall.

Better to strive and climb,
And never reach the goal,
Than to drift along with time,
An aimless, worthless soul.
Ay, better to climb and fall,
Or sow, though the yield be small,
Than to throw away day after day,
And never to strive at all.

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