Bird In Hand

By Jasmine Gibson

Being asked to move into time
To places wishes and daydreams
Into rivets and seams
Being asked to move back into categorical understandings of regrets
In order to fight against disintegration
Carrying a placeholder for liminal spectrums
Reading somersaults into lecture
Move me, unmove me
place me unto y’all’s metaphoric understanding
of the dreams which have yet been realized
Wish unto me, unfurl around, open
Gasp gasp gasp
Cry out, there are ways of understanding
that leave indelible marks onto membrane surfaces

We should all be so lucky to exist
To not function
The eyes, cease to work
The throat struggles to open
The ears seek love remarks
The skin wrinkles
to make space
for the grandchildren we wish into the future
Au Revoir, my love:
you have my best
and my sword to cut through the meat of life.
Hopefully, you have a better grip than me.
Hello long love,
I seek you out
amongst the fleshy cavernous walls where memory lies.

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