Black Friday

By Billy Vinson

Black friday black friday
O how I abhor thou,
you’ve grown to be such a
humongous cash cow.

But I’ll not go out
I just will not do it,
they can take their black friday
and they can all screw it.

I’ll not fight the traffic
nor the crowds,
and the shopping zombies
with their heads in the clouds.

I’ll not wait in line
for a flatscreen TV,
nor a two hundred dollar computer
nope not me.

I’ll not wrangle over some
micky mouse shoes,
I prefer to stay right here
and continue to snooze.

I’ll not dodge bullets
at toys are us,
nor listen to rednecks
spit and cuss.

I’ll not get pepper sprayed
over some PS4 deals,
nor get ran over
by a meal on wheels.

I’m not interested in
any road rage drama,
nor seeing some snot nose
abusing his mama.

I guess I’m not a fan of
black friday is what I’m confessing,
I’d just rather stay at home
and eat leftover turkey and dressing.

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