Bricks And Mortar

By Belinda Van Rensburg

Laying bricks upon another
Mortar in between;
One stone placed upon the other;
Realization of a dream.

Built according to design,
Blueprint at the ready;
Guided by each dot and line
Progression’s sure and steady.

Though storms and setbacks interfere
Or funds run very low,
The workers need to persevere
Though the going might seem slow.

Sharing in God’s dream design,
The Bible as our guide;
Trials meant to mold, refine;
Draw us closer to His side.

Each new lesson is a brick,
God’s will the strong cement;
His Word is our measuring stick
Which no living soul may bend.

Jesus Christ our sure foundation,
Our ever steady Rock;
Lord of all; King of Creation –
Overseer of His flock.

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