By Venu

I’ve always loved these castles old
upon the drawbridge over the moat
I stood and wondered what might unfold
inside the colossal citadel of stone
for I sensed magic within the ancient walls

I’ve always loved these castles old
raided with mosses the curtain wall
urged me to push the odd crooked stone
hoping for a mystery to unravel in a form
of an enchanted doorway into the unknown

Enclosed within these silent walls
were centuries of stories left untold
If you listen you’ll hear the songs
of poisoned spells and creatures old
and unsung valor in battles fought
echoing of times of glory and the sword
Secrets bellowed from graves of gold
about conspiracies, plunder and sinful souls
If you listen intently to the whispers cold
you’ll know
what mysteries lie beneath an illustrious throne

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