9 Magnetic African Languages Worth Exploring

What is the most iconic language on the African continent? The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Some people will say it’s English, while others may say Arabic.  In reality, there are over 2000 languages spoken throughout Africa, and each one of them has something special about them that makes it unique. […]

10 Mind-blowing Fictional Languages

10 Mind-blowing Fictional Languages Language is an intricate part of human culture. It can be a way to express oneself and form bonds with other people in the same linguistic community. Language also has the power to create worlds that feel real and vivid through its use.  It’s no surprise that many creators of fiction […]

The little-known role of the Moon in literature

The little-known role of the moon in literature While the moon has always held intense symbolism in it, one of the moon’s universal symbols in literature is simply: love or lovesickness. However, generally, the moon holds feminine characteristics in literature.  It stands to serve as a comparison or metaphor or some sort of description of […]

Why You Need a Poetry Journal Right Now

The practise of writing poetry, in its most basic sense, is an act of expression. Poetry can be a way to process your feelings and open up avenues for self-discovery. Writing poetry also can make other people feel less alone and more understood through connecting on a deep emotional level. This article will discuss how […]

World Poetry Day: Celebrating linguistic diversity

World Poetry Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the gift of words. We have praised poets for their mastery of language and ability to capture human emotion in verse from ancient times. Today, poetry continues to be a powerful form of expression that transcends boundaries and languages because it communicates on so many levels.  […]

13 stunning poetry scenes in movies

Poetry scenes in movies

13 stunning poetry scenes in movies The first time I watched Coach Carter was back in 2008 at my high school leadership team-building retreat in South Africa. Timo Cruz’s Our Deepest Fear remains one of my favourite poetry scenes in a movie that still gives me chills to this day. I ran a poll on […]

Our Story: A sensational origin- Part 1

Our Story- A sensetional origin: Part 1 I cannot tell you what I would have become had it not been for Pick Me Up Poetry. I could have landed in Banking, Accounting or most probably, I’d be the administrative assistant at my dad’s good private practice in our small town in Zimbabwe! We can only […]