The Keys By Erica Jong

The Keys By Erica Jong Broken ivories playing the blue piano of the sea. We have come from the bitter city to heal ourselves. We have come looking for a patch of beach not yet built into a fortress of real-estate greed, a coral reef not yet picked clean of buried treasure, not yet bare […]

The Key By Ladan Osman

The Key By Ladan Osman I was under the kitchen table, guessing who was at the sink by how they used water when I heard my mother say to my father, what about this job, that one, those people, did they call? And my father said, everyone says no. I see all the doors but […]

Keys By Tom Ramsey

Keys By Tom Ramsey Old ones from forgotten locks of long closed doors of houses whose halls she once strolled. Strange ones found at flea markets, abandoned in drawers of hand-me-down furniture. They are horded in coffee cups on the high shelves of cupboards with the seldom used fine china. Not bound by rings or […]

Finding The Keys By Robin Robertson

Finding The Keys By Robin Robertson The set seed and the first bulbs showing. The silence that brings the deer. The trees are full of handles and hinges; you can make out keyholes, latches in the leaves. Buds tick and crack in the sun, break open slowly in a spur of green. The small-change colours […]

Who Am I? By Anonymous

Who Am I? By Anonymous I am a little thing with a big meaning. I help everybody. I unlock doors -open hearts dispel prejudice. I create friend- ship and good-will. I inspire respect and admiration. Everybody loves me. I bore nobody. I violate no law. I cost nothing. Many have praised me no one has […]

Golden Keys By Anonymous

Golden Keys By Anonymous A bunch of golden keys is mine, To make each day with gladness shine. Good-morning! that’s the golden key That unlocks every day for me. When evening comes, “Good-night!” I say, And close the door of each glad day. When at the table, “If you please!” I take from off my […]

Key To The Dollar Store By Al Young

Key To The Dollar Store By Al Young Just tell me who the hell am I? What powers did I, do I hold? What right have I to say “my” or “mine” or “me” — all honey- glazed, all bullet-proofed and worshipful of any gangster “I”? The key to the Dollar Store hangs on my belt. Yes, […]

Keys To The City By Richie Hofmann

Keys To The City By Richie Hofmann Didn’t rain choke the animal throats of the cathedral sputter against the roofs of the city didn’t the flight of stairs rise up above the cobbled street didn’t the key clamor in the lock flood the vestibule with clattering didn’t we climb the second flight toward the miniature […]

The Lost Keys By Anna Banasiak

The Lost Keys By Anna Banasiak Grandma, is that you? I heard your voice. Why have you gone? We’ll go to Saint Anthony to find the keys and glasses in the lost past. I can’t sleep in an empty house. It is so dark here. Loneliness drowns out thoughts. I’m afraid of the noise of […]

Emily Wairimu - Free

Keys By Jo Bell

Keys By Jo Bell At the corner shop on Union Street, I dosey-doe around a man my age who’s just popped out for milk. He scoots back to his door and opens up. That serrated sound – the house key going home, the scrappy jangle of the others on the fob – is how it […]