Introducing 101 Delightful Quotes About Poetry

These are our favourite 101 quotes about poetry from writers, poets and other notable figures from recent history. Use them to inspire your next great adventure, share them with a close friend, or spread the love across your social media! 101 Quotes About Poetry “Poetry is an act of peace.” – Pablo Neruda “Poetry is […]

75 Quotes About Friends and Companionship

Friendship offers us more joy than almost anything else in our life! These special relationships have a significant impact on our mental health and well-being. They ease stress, bring comfort and delight, and keep us from feeling alone. Here are 75 quotes about friends and companionship to remind you of the special connections in your […]

100 Poetry Quotes About Mental Wellness

In today’s fast-paced society, mental wellness can be a complex topic to talk about. For this reason, many people are turning to poetry for an outlet. Poetry is a therapeutic way of expressing oneself and opening up to others to better one’s mental well-being.  This article will explore 100 quotes from poets that all speak […]

80 remarkable quotes about change

The world is constantly changing. It’s a constant process of transformation that never really ends. You might think you’ve seen it all, but then something will come along and surprise you. There are many quotes about change, some more interesting than others, but they all say something different about the nature of our world. This […]

80 magical quotes about moving on

It’s not easy to move on. No matter what has happened, it is difficult to leave something meaningful in the past behind us. But we can’t stay there forever. We might have fond memories of our time with that person or thing, but if it is no longer good for us, then we need to […]

60 beautiful quotes about life and death

The human experience is full of pain and beauty. We are born into this world, live our lives one day at a time, and then die to make room for another life. These 62 quotes about life and death are perfect for anyone who needs that reminder of how amazing life is. Quotes about life […]

65 fearless poetry quotes about womanhood

If you’re looking for a reminder of the beauty and strength that women possess, look no further than these 65 fearless poetry quotes about womanhood. A world without women is a lonely place. Belief and conviction can be found in every word on a page when they’re written in ink.  It’s also worth saying that […]